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Single from third album 'Burnout'. Single released March 2020

'If You Get to Hell First' Released February 2022

'Upon The Lonesome Tide' Music Video released October 2020


Fury are an electrifying blend of hard rock and heavy metal, who are currently lighting up stages across the UK and Europe with their irresistible brand of high energy, no nonsense rock’n’roll!

From the heart of heavy metal – Birmingham, UK!


After releasing two well received studio albums in 2014 & 2016 respectively, Fury went through an evolutionary process in the band’s line-up and direction in 2018. The new line-up still featured founding member Julian Jenkins on vocals and rhythm guitar, but he was now joined by well-renowned bass player, Becky Baldwin. Together with drummer Tom Fenn, Fury’s new sound would be forged, focusing on writing accessible songs rooted in the styles of traditional rock & metal with a fresh modern twist. In 2019 the band set to work on what would become their third studio album “The Grand Prize”. Recording was finished in early 2020 and the release date was set for April 2nd.


10 days prior to the album’s scheduled release, the UK was put into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Although the planned album launch show and subsequent tour dates had to be postponed, the band were committed to releasing the album. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects, such as the tour postponement, Fury fully embraced getting out to their audience via social media, which led to huge growth in the band’s following.

Fury at Urrock, Switzerland 2021

In March 2022 Fury released their 4th album “Born to Sin” and embarked on their biggest tour to date. With 50+ dates headlining shows across the UK & Europe and playing festivals such as Download & UrRock in Switzerland as main support to Skid Row. For this tour, the band recruited the incredibly talented backing vocalist Nyah Ifill to bring new energy to the live shows. This formula worked so well that Fury welcomed Nyah as a permanent member of the band, who will inevitably play a huge part in the band’s future.


In addition to this, Becky had the honour of being handpicked to play bass for Mercyful Fate on since their 2022 USA tour. A huge achievement that has surely the profile of both herself and Fury.


The final piece fell into place at the start of 2023, with Tom Atkinson (Vice) joining on lead guitar. Fury are set to take the next step in their career and unleash their energy onto a global audience.

Becky on stage with Mercyful Fate, Detroit, USA 2022


2023 GIGS:
UK shows: 38
EU Shows: 30
Festivals: Bloodstock, Call of the Wild, Sharkfest, Brixham Pirate Festival, Primordial Radio AGM, Maid of Stone.
Supports: Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons (18 shows), Absolva (2 shows)


2022 GIGS:
UK Headline Shows: 33
EU Headline Shows: 7
Festivals: Download (UK), UrRock (CH), Rising Fest (FR), British Steel (FR), UK Guitar Show Liverpool, SOS (UK), Breaking Bands (UK), Brixham Pirate (UK)
Supports: Florence Black



SOCIAL REACH per 28 days (Aug 2023):
Facebook organic reach: 90k
Facebook video views: 13k
Instagram reach: 4k
Youtube views: 24k
Spotify streams: 11.5k



Burnout Live at Call of the Wild Festival, 2023

'Road Warrior' live at Turrock, Essen DE

The third single from newest album 'Born to Sin'. Released February 2022

The first music video 'Hell of a Night' from the new album 'Born To Sin'. Single Released October 2021

Single ft. Kim Jennett 'Rock Lives In My Soul'. Released July 2021

'Galactic Rock', The First Single From Album 'The Grand Prize', released January 2020

Casino Soleil - Live (Single released March 2021)


“This is truly a masterclass in melodic metal and one of the albums of the year.”

B A Martin, Powerplay Magazine
Reviewing 2020 album ‘The Grand Prize’

“The group are clearly crowd-favourites, if the fans crowding forward in tour shirts and chanting “Fury, Fury, Fury!” are anything to go by – and it’s clear why!”

Download Festival Live Review (2022)

“Absolute quality. Classic metal rock with a modern, vibrant sound and real complexity of musicality. The harmony of the mega guitar playing with the rolling, fast, perfect drumbeats and the stunning vocals from Julian Jenkins and Nyah Ifill created a genuinely raucous and emotional adventure.”

Eavesdrop Music
Live review April 2022 (Birmingham, UK)

“Situated somewhere between Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare album and the best tracks that Jim Steinman composed, this album is enjoyable throughout and I love it.
What FURY have done with this release is returned to the genre’s origins, mythos, and legend, spinning a tale that is recognisable but refreshing at the same time.”


Martin White, Rock Out Stand Out
Reviewing 2022 album ‘Born To Sin’

“The strongest differentiating aspects of Fury have always been the distinctive, emotionally charged vocals and those catchy hooks. So why not build an album that showcases those highlights and allows them to shine to their fullest potential? That’s precisely what happens on TheGrand Prize.”


“The Record is chock-full of singalong anthems, guaranteed to burrow their way into your cerebral cortex straight away.”


“If high-quality, classy melodic British heavy metal with a hard rock edge, terrific songwriting, and superb vocals is your bag, then you owe it to yourself to investigate ‘The Grand Prize’ posthaste”

Kit Ekman, Metal Chaos Magazine

Reviewing 2020 album ‘The Grand Prize’

“Hell yeah! Find me a more enjoyable album than Born to Sin in 2022 and you’ll be lying, for the fourth album by the Birmingham based outfit simply sparkles from the opening bars of “If You Get to Hell First” through to the triumphant finale of “Born to Sin”
Whilst they set the bar high on The Grand Prize there can be no doubt that this is their finest record yet. If you only buy one album in March, make it this one.”


Paul Hutchings, Moshville Times

Reviewing 2022 album ‘Born To Sin’

“The world for sure has changed, but music will forever stay and help us lighting up our hearts and souls. Thanks to bands such as Fury for giving the life a reason to live 100/100.”

The Metal Mag
Reviewing 2020 album ‘The Grand Prize’

“One hell of a way to conclude an album which I consider the best they have ever produced”

B A Martin, Powerplay Magazine
Reviewing 2022 album ‘Born To Sin’

“Fury are one of the best UK bands on the circuit and their albums are always chock full of tracks that cry out to be played live. The Grand Prize is another album that takes pole position! 9/10″

Matt Bladen, Musipedia of Metal
Reviewing 2020 album ‘The Grand Prize’

Fury then started the engine with emotionally charged, melodic metal, a completely rejuvenated singer and an extremely virtuoso bassist. Glorious. They played on UrRock last year and were back by popular demand this year – and rightly so.”

UrRock 2019, Stans Switzerland. Tracks Magazine.

“This is straight old-school up-tempo Heavy Rock at its best, a nice and catchy melody, a tight rhythm section out for a kill and a vocalist that absolutely shines. […] This is fast, powerful excellently played and heartfelt music, if you do not dig this we can’t be friends.”

Reflection of Darkness review of ‘Galactic Rock’ single

“It is up to Fury […] to take the might of British heavy metal, and conquer the world.”


FrenzyFire Reviewing ‘The World Is Mine’ single