About The Band


Fury are a Heavy Metal band from the West Midlands, UK. Their love of the old school metal of Iron Maiden and Metallica are clear, but the rich and soulful voice of Julian Jenkins sets the band apart from the rest. Songs with clear purpose and strong visuals will transport you to another time, another reality, or another universe… Fury are known to create passionate and dynamic live shows, able to capture the spirit of music fans all over.

Fury are regulars of both iconic and independent metal festivals such as Bloodstock, Hard Rock Hell Metal, Hard Rock Hell Road Trip, Hammerfest, UrRock, Breaking Bands and Beermageddon.

With two previous albums ‘The Lightning Dream’ (2014) and ‘Lost In Space’ (2016) and years of touring under their belt, the band have begun a new chapter stronger than ever with the release of the 2020 album ‘The Grand Prize’. A new band line up is frothing at the bit, featuring Becky Baldwin (Hands Off Gretel, ex-Dorja, Triaxis, ex- Control The Storm) on bass, the thunderous Tom Fenn (Torous, Brassick) on drums, the technical, yet melodic Jake Elwell on lead guitar and the powerful Nyah Ifill on backing vocals. Fury are rocketing into 2022 with another new album ‘Born To Sin’ (released the 18th of March) and will be making up for lost time touring both 2020 and 2022 albums in this exciting year for the band.


Julian Jenkins

Vocals & Guitar

Jake Elwell


Becky Baldwin

Bass & Backing Vocals

Tom Fenn

gary cooper 2 edit

Nyah Ifill

Backing Vocals


Fury’s fourth studio album is expected out now!